You glow different when you’re doing better.

Now that we’re well into 2019, people are no longer singing along to the tune “new year, new me” and we’ve now moved onto ‘hot girl summer’ and were working on our summer bodies. Same concept, different season and it’s perfectly okay.

Kalnic is a fitness, health and wellness brand and it’s here to help you strut into the summer 2019 looking and feeling fitter and fresher than ever. How you’ll get to do this is actually very simple and straightforward too. All you’ll need is some positive energy and maybe a glass of water on the side to keep you hydrated.

Kalnicfit has an ongoing series called “no waist trainer, no problem”. This series shows you how you can tone your core and get your desired curves without the expense of purchasing a waist trainer. The workouts do not require any equipment and can be performed in any space. Here are five movements to guide you into the summer.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you throughout the summer:

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!Do yourself a favour and keep water in close proximity at all times. Water will help you cleanse your system and help rid your body of nasty toxins. It will hydrate and clear your skin and it’s great for your hair too. Not only will you look good, you will feel good too.

Get good sleep

  • It’s essential to get a full nights rest often if not always. Make sure to sleep for about 6 to 8 hours a day and this will give your body enough chance to recover from you work out and to replenish your energy for the day.

Don’t forget to Stretch

  • A good stretch can help with your posture, your flexibility and your mobility. It helps you relax your muscles and eases aches after an intense workout. Stretching before you go to bed is also known to improve sleep.
Exercise Video

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