Update on my 2017 goals

Today is the 8th of Feb and i want to give all my readers an update of how my goals have been going so far.It has been a month and a few days since I posted my first post of 2017.

So among all my goals I have managed to achieve a few of my goals in the first month, I managed to get my first business up and running thanks to a business partner who helped me financially and in other ways as well, We managed to brand my product and here is how it looks now.

 They look pretty good right, I love how they look now, the product is still the same but with bomb packaging. I am pretty excited about this venture and I cant wait to start creating and developing new products for the Duchess Couture brand.

 Our packaging has soft subtle colors which gives it that feminine feeling,because after all it is a brand for women.

 Our wrap choker is our best seller and my personal favorite because you can wrap it up in any way you want and it can become your own personal style.

The lace choker was how it all started, I loved this material so much that I initially wanted to add it to my clothes and then i thought but this could work as a stylish choker and behold a whole line of chokers was born from it.
As for my other goals…I am still very much planning my trip to Capetown but now i have my special someone back so im extra excited to go for that trip now, I am still working on my weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle and I pray every night..Things are looking up and I am in my happy place and I thank God. 

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