Taking Up Space 2020

This Decade has been one for the books, we have seen so many positive changes in the media industry- [a model is not only defined by height and weight only] , we saw the creation of a whole new industry of influencers, instagram and twitter careers, entrepreneurs rising from every corner of Africa, the highlight of it all was when we witnessed an African woman with short natural hair become Miss Universe, who would have thought right? One thing that stuck with me from Zozibini’s success was that she wrote down her vision and dream of becoming Miss Universe in 2012 before her 2019 win. So I thought to myself what is the significance of writing down your vision.

Having a vision gives your dreams life and writing them down gives you a sense of direction, it is the same as crafting a clear roadmap for where you want to go in the next 12 months, so its important that we set an intention for success.

So this year I took it upon myself to come up with a free foolproof goal planning sheet that you can use to set yourself up for success in 2020. You can download it here.

The first step to filling out this goal sheet is to figure out what aspects of your life you’d like to improve on a separate sheet, say ifyou want to improve your finances, career and health you would then put those areas as headings. You then go back to each heading and fill out specifics for example on health you may say I want to eat more plant based food . Once you fill out all heading you then go on to fill out the goal sheet.

  1. Goal- this section you write down the goal you want to achieve, try to be as specific as possible on this section.
  2. Why Power– Its important to know why you want to achieve certain things, if your why is clear and important it will motivate you to stay on this path.
  3. Benefits of achieving the goal – we all know that humans do not do things that don’t benefit them and same goes with your goals, you need to add a benefit that excites you so that you feel motivated.
  4. Possible Obstacles– Everything in life has challenges and anticipating these challenges will allow us to plan possible mitigations to the obstactles.
  5. Steps to take to achieve the goals– this is where you detail what steps you need to take to achieve your goals and when you plan to do it.
  6. Smart Checklist– this sheet takes into account all the smart factor so on this part you are going to tick.
  7. Start date– You are going to fill in the time you are going to start working on yoour goals only, review date is when you then look at your goal sheet again, completion date is when you have completed the goal.

Its important that you keep your sheets even after you complete your goals to remember in times of doubt that you accomplished something before and you can do it again. All the best on your goals, I know you are going to kill it.

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