Steps To Increase Productivity In Your 20s

Being in my early 20s I am aware of the struggle of lack of productivity, you wake up with a fresh plan to win the day everyday but it just never happens, you run around like a headless chicken and before you know it the day is over, you’re tired and beat but nothing tangible can account for your exhaustion, I can totally relate. I fully understand what it feels like to not have your shit together and feel like life is passing you by or you should be doing more but not to worry I have a plan that will help you simplify your life and be more productive throughout the day.

The time spent in our twenties might just be the most influential in regard to our futures. But what do we know? We’re only in our twenties, right? Regardless, this is undoubtedly the time to establish a lifestyle that will carry into our later years. We need to use this time to kick the bad habits we’ve managed to accrue until this point and replace them with more beneficial ones. A crucial habit to create, which will help you increase productivity is to set goals, we have discussed the importance of setting goals on this platform so I wont bore you with why its important, instead I’ll show you how to do it in a way that yields results. You can download your free PDF copy of my goal setting sheet here.

I have let you in on my productivity secret and I will break it down for you here, at the very top of the goal setting sheet you will find 3 blocks, Life area, target date and completed date, you will need to be specific as to which area of life this goal affects, it could be finances, health or business, you will need to fill out your target date but leave out the date completed you will fill that in once goal has been accomplished.

The next section is the actual Goal, what is it you wants to achieve, make sure your goal is SMART. The next part is the benefits expected when you reach this goal, we all know humans don’t do anything without expecting a benefit associated with it, so it helps to write down what you expect the benefit to be once you reach the other side of your goal. You proceed to filling out your anticipated obstacles and solution (If you meet a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere), in life everything has obstacles by anticipating them we can be ready with a solution once we meet that obstacle. You fill out the next section and I want to stress how important it is to tell someone about your goal, it gives you a sense of accountability which will go a long way in becoming productive. (Teamwork makes the dream work)

The final Section is the most effective one, it’s where you detail the steps you need to take to achieve this goal, you need to ask yourself what do I need to do today to achieve this goal next week, its the small steps that count. (If you want to build a brick wall, layer a brick everyday,one day you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall) Its also important to take note of the dates you start working on your goal and the date you complete it, going back to see the success you have accomplished motivates you to keep going.

If by any chance you don’t meet your goal, don’t be discouraged go back and rework your strategy, dust yourself up and continue, it’s a journey you’ll get there eventually. Let me know how this has helped you in your journey to your best self.

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