Self doubt

Like most women I find it hard to be able to believe in myself and my abilities, I constantly beat myself up over things I could have done differently and this hinders me from going after the things I want in life in terms of career and personal life. Sometimes as women we are our own worst enemies and I want to share the causes of self doubt based on personal experiences.

1. You keep looking back

Most of us have made a ton of mistakes and we have a lot of regrets that we can’t let go of, because of this we are constantly replaying these scenarios and mistakes which makes usĀ  dwell in that moment for a long time.

My solution

Forgiveness is not easy but forgiving others and accepting people’s flaws is much easier than forgiving yourself.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you made, realize that you are human and you don’t always get it right all the time and the good thing about mistakes is that we get to learn from them and become wiser, so don’t bash yourself for mistakes embrace them.

2. Comparing yourself to others

People have different journey’s and different paths we can’t all be the same and do the same things surely the world will be a boring place. Some of your colleagues or friends may be experiencing better blessings than you are at the moment but don’t let that discourage you your time will come. Learn to appreciate yourself and the season you are in because there is a reason for every season.

What I do to deal with self doubt is do photo-shoots, I feel so confident and powerful when I’m in front of the camera, so whenever I feel discouraged I go back to the pictures and I remember that I am a queen who let’s nothing get in the way of her goals and dreams. So I advice you to find your one thing that empowers you in that way, be it a memory of you killing it at work or school or just memories or people that inspire you and remind you of your greatness.

Keep a jar of good memories, times you laughed hard and had a tonne of fun with people who you have genuine relationships with and you’ll be reminded of your worth and your support system.

Lastly take a lot of pictures when you are genuinely enjoying life its so beneficial to go back and look at the happiness you felt at that time it will instantly motivate you to be better and achieve your goals simply because you want more of those moments.

Remember that self doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.


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