Repurposing Old Jars

If you have noticed there has been a global zero waste movement where supporters are calling for people to reduce their waste production to curb the effects of climate change. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) we have up until 2030 to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere or else disasters like the recent cyclone Idai will become the norm. That is a scary possibility but the good news is we can do something about it even here all the way down in Zimbabwe. Cutting back on our waste is not easy but it will go a long way in helping our planet.

A good place to start in reducing waste is Recycling what you already have and I have been having fun repurposing old glass jars. Here’s a few ideas you can use to repurpose your old jars:

Decor Vases- Believe it or your mayonnaise bottles can make a cute vase or decor item, all you need to do is clean it thoroughly, remove the label, add some pretty flowers or greenery to it and voila you have yourself a pretty vase for less. You can even paint them with stain glass to come up with a unique look for your space. I have included some ideas on the gallery below, the first picture is how I recycled and styled my glass jars for my bedroom.

Spice/Cereal Rack- Another way to upcycle your jars is to use them to store dry food like pasta, rice and cereal or if they are small you can use them to store your spices and herbs. See picture below for some inspiration.

Wedding centerpieces- With Glass jars you can elevate your wedding tables for less by simply adding florals to glass vases your tables will instantly transform to chic . I know I am definitely incorporating some glass jar centerpieces on my wedding. here are some simple ideas for your big day or event:

Jars are so versatile you can use them anywhere in your home and with Pinterest the ideas are endless, so start the journey towards recycling and reducing waste by reusing your glass jars today.

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