Picnic Must Haves.

I don’t know about you but summer is my favorite time of year, the smell of fresh flowers, greenery everywhere, thepretty floral dresses we get to wear , what’s not to love? Its also the perfect time for outdoor activities and a picnic is the perfect idea for a relaxed day with nature and a few weeks ago me and Elsie decided to go for a relaxing picnic and it was the most amazing thing ever! So here’s a must have guide for an amazing picnic experience.

Here’s what you’ll need : 1. A pal/friend– You need one for the company and conversation, you know what they say, TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE besides who is going to take all the instagrammable pics (wink wink). 2. Food– What’s anything without food? We literally just go everywhere so we can eat lol so you get the point, since a picnic is outside I suggest you carry light food like snacks and fruit, we had watermelon, donuts, popticorn and of course grapefruit for the aestathics. 3. Location – If you have a nice green lawn at home then home is perfect but if you don’t find a place that is nice and green so you can really experience being outdoors with nature. We had ours at Harare Botanic Gardens and it was really peaceful, entrance fee was $3 Zim Currency .

This is all you need for enjoying a day out with nature we enjoyed ours so let me know how yours went in the comments!


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