Phenomenal Women

My last post was a hit and this is because many other young women could relate to what I went
through, and that comforted me so much to know that I was not alone in what I went through. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Recent events also pushed me to do this photoshoot. As women we grow up hearing about how important it is to have a husband or we talk about how sad the next sister is because she doesn’t or can’t get a boyfriend. We never really talk about how important it is to have good solid relationships with other women, I mean we share so much more in common and we have similar life experiences but instead of coming together women are each other’s worst enemies and it has been like that for so many years and I think it’s time us as young women change that.

A month ago I lost my young mum and the minute I expressed to my female friends how worried I was about her the day before she died they quickly suggested we wake up early to go and pray and that’s exactly what we did and when she passed the next day they were there for me in a way I can’t even explain and I don’t think they really know how grateful I am to this day. Truth is I had never thought I would ever have a true and real relationship with another female because you know how as women we are always in competition but these very unlikely friendships have made me re-evaluate how I relate to every other woman out there. Women have courage, women love like there’s no tomorrow, women forgive, women have so much strength on their own imagine if all these qualities are joined together, life’s journey will be easier and our burdens might be a little lighter.

My point is every woman has a story and our stories are similar, another woman’s story can help another woman who is going through the same thing and might believe there is no getting out of it. As young women we need to surround ourselves with strong women and role models who inspire us, women who will support our journey and celebrate our successes and in turn, we can do the same for them. When great women come together even greater things happen.

Young women I encourage you to build a sister instead of tearing her down, today if you see another girl you dislike I urge you to pay her a compliment and it might surprise you how similar you are to that person.

To my friends Rumbi, Fadzie, Mazvita and Judy thank you so much for being there for me in my hard times.

Special thanks to the ladies that came through to the shoot you guys are just lovely inside out. We are officially doing this life thing together much love.

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