Importance of Morning rituals

Starting your day late and trying to play catch up is exhausting and it usually leaves you tired and frustrated, I know many of us can relate, we hit the snooze button and enjoy 30 more minutes of sleep which will cost us later in the day.

It’s important to establish morning rituals as they set the tone for the day, they also build focus and eliminate stress caused by the chaotic morning rush. Most successful people have morning routines and this is because it gives them direction during the day and they become more productive. Learning to set time aside for yourself each morning can have a profound impact on how you carry yourself through the day.

A morning ritual should suit your lifestyle and budget so here is how you can have an effective morning without leaving your home:

  • Wake up early– Waking up before everybody else is something that helps me clarify my day. The peace and silence gives me time to reflect and plan my day.
  • Meditate– I used to think meditation was for rich white people and when I started doing it I wanted my college friends to think I was cool but as I kept doing I realized the benefits. Meditation clears your mind, improves focus . A daily meditation practice reduces stress and promotes emotional stability.

  • Exercise– You can easily do some homework outs using YouTube or an exercise app. Getting some exercise in the morning gets your blood flowing and will help you feel energized.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast– To avoid too many choices I always eat oatmeal in the morning. Too many options will leave you confused and you will probably end up having something unhealthy. My advice is have a few breakfast options that you can put a twist on occasionally. Oats are high in fibre and they keep you full for a longer. You can find different oatmeal recipes on our last guest post.

A morning ritual is a necessary step if you want to be successful, it should be a sacred time you cultivate to empower you to go through each day with clarity and intention, it also helps you to reduce friction so you can focus on what you do best. To maximize your full potential I recommend that you start a morning routine that is best suited to your needs and lifestyle.



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