How I Came to know God personally.

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know this story but I thought it deserved a more permanent spot on the internet. I have been feeling a pull or a nudge to write about this for a while now, finally here, Rev 12 vs 11 says We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, so here I am testifying that God is good.

I grew up in a christian home, we believed in God, we prayed before bed and the usual, even went to Anderson High where God was the center of everything, so I was pretty much a “christian’. It wasn’t until I was about to get married that I sought God for myself and boy did I find him. When I think of this season in my life I always struggle with tears because I’m still surprised that God would come down to meet me in my point of need, little old me, drenched in sin and worldliness. This takes me back to the song Reckless Love by Cory Ashburn, it puts into words exactly what I experienced, God will leave 99 well behaved sheep to go after that one lost sheep, I felt I was that one and God came after me and I experienced the full love of God.

The date was 28 December and my then boyfriend and I were just done with introductions to both families, we were excited to start our lives soon, we had planned our life to a T, we were going to start building our home from day 1 and we would wait 2 years then start our family, we wanted 3 kids. Just after he had asked for a date and was given a January date I woke up with an unusual pain in my pelvic area, it was sunday so we went to church and spent the rest of the day just lazying around until the pain increased and we decided to go in and get checked. We get in to see a physician and we got a scan, as soon as the radiographer started her examination I saw her face change, it became like she saw a ghost, I asked whats going on she was shaking but she said she could not tell me what she saw. Back to the physcian and he was almost hysterical, of course we said chii and he says its suspected cancer lol lol. I called my mother weeping, came straight to the hospital and I literally jumped on her with tears in my eyes and `i have never seen a more calm person in my life, she comforted me and the got the doctor’s report and went straight to ask him what was going on, he couldn’t explain anything he just handed my mom some referral cards for a gynaecologist and we went home.

Can you imagine how long that night was, the questions I had for God, kuti nhai Mwari, I am 25 years old. how can this be happening to me, I was thinking about my husband and pleading God not to traumatize him because he is such a good guy, my mom the single mother who put her all into me, my siblings who were then 7, 6 and 2 who will watch over them and guide them, I literally saw death knocking on my door but GOD.

The next day we got up and went to look for gynaecologists as instructed, we went to 7 places, they were all either out or in surgery, just as we were about to give up we bumped into 1 and she turned out to be a nun, we consulted and she assured us it might not be cancer you see but lets do some tests. We did tests and they were inconclusive the blood tests that is, the scans however showed a very huge mass in my pelvic area, so we settled for surgery to remove the mass.

`Surgery went well for now until I has to go for my two week review, guess what that thing was growing back again haha. Went back for tests and the tests showed nothing, so the only thing my gynaecologist could do was consult her mentors who suggested we do an MRI. We went in for the MRI but the machine was said to be broken and the part was to come from Germany so there was a two week wait. During this time I got into the word, searched scripture for what God said about sickness, what happened in the bible when people got healed, I began to confess thee word of God on my body I touched my womb and spoke life to it, whatever was dead in my womb will rise up and live, God breathed life into dry bones and they lived. I began to watch Sid Roth on Youtube who interviewed people who had encounters with God and experienced miracles, so because of this I began to expect miracles and healing too, you are what you behold.

Back to the MRI people it took them 6 weeks to get their machine working, we go in and we do the test, had to be super still for 30minutes, after they said that results should be available in two days. We get a call after two days and they said they couldn’t really see so they need to re-do the test, mind you these guys were said to be the best and the test was expensive so I just assumed they knew what they were doing. We go back and do the test again, promised results within two days but they came after two weeks. All this time I am assuming that I am dying that’s why they are not telling me. We finally go in to see our doctor and she gives me a clean bill of health, I cannot begin to tell you the relief, she dismissed it as an error in testing but `I knew that it was God’s doing. I was not on any medication for the 3 months of this ordeal but the tumors that had plagued me mysteriously disappeared.

I am writing this to let somebody know that God is an ever present God, that he hears us when we pray even though it doesn’t seem like that in the moment. Jer 31:3 he has loved us with an everlasting love and has drawn us in with unfailing kindness. I want to reassure someone that sometimes trials are there to remind us that we have a present God an everlasting father, he who parted the red sea, the great I am, we have access to the father, so when you are going through a difficult season seek him and trust him, it doesn’t matter how you have been living or what you have done God loves us and sometimes trials are his way of calling us to communion with him. So next time you are going through a tough situation, go to your secret place and say here I am God, what are you trying to teach me. Not to say life is perfect now but I am free of fear I know what God has said about me, I am rooted in his word, so yes life has challenges, setbacks and disappointment but I know that through him I am victorious at the end.

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