Healthy Does not mean ‘Skinny’.

Health, wellness and fitness have become one of many fleeting social media crazes. Fortunately, this craze is something that can actually bring value to a ones livelihood.

Growing up, fitness was always presented as something I had to engage in rather than something to do because I wanted to. As a result, I developed a negative attitude towards exercise. I was fat and I had Asthma. These two complementary issues presented me with the perfect excuse to avoid working out at all costs.

Post High school Nicole experienced a serious case of ‘first year spread’ (sudden dramatic weight increase that occurs during primary years post high school). I was round but my self-love and potential ignorance made it so that I was unaware of the changes in which my body underwent during 2016.


I was enrolled in a gym for the first time ever during September 2016. I went every other day, consistently, for the entire month. During that month, I was constantly asked about my goals and before I had the chance to answer for myself, the interviewer would have already decided what my answer was going to be, ‘So you’re trying to lose weight…?’. I took offense but chose not to entertain ignorance and went about my sessions as normal. Fast forward to December 2016, preparation of 2017 new year’s resolutions. I did not want my new health goals to have direct associations to new year’s resolutions because I felt that such resolutions are cursed and bound to head in questionable directions. So I ran. Literally. I did cardio every afternoon until I had built up my endurance and could run 3.7km in 35 minutes. The goal was 5 kilometres but running on a stationary treadmill eventually gets boring, which it did.


Fast forward to April 2017, we had moved close to a state of the art gym and my mother sponsored yet another membership. Here began my real fitness journey. I had plenty of free time and as a result, found myself working out at least 5 times a week. This included cardio, High intensity training, dancing, weight training and swimming. The gym quickly began to feel like a second home. We bonded and the environment felt comfortable. This motivated me to frequent the gym and therefore resulted in transformation.


I became happier, more confident, fitter, healthier and I was glowing. Fitness became a way of life. I realized that exercise is the one thing that I truly wish everyone could consistently participate in with the hope that people could unlock the hidden pleasure in which health and fitness bring.

Now I am lighter (physically, mentally and emotionally), I’m still glowing and I’m happy. My character requires me to share things that bring joy to my life and so… I’m going to share some non-technical tips on working out and how to be a healthier you.


  1. Be your own motivation! Sit down and identify reasons that can motivate you to keep working out when you’re not in the mood
  2. It’s easy to get over disappointing a workout buddy or a trainer but disappointing yourself should forever and always be a no no!
  3. Figure out what time of the day suits you: I’m not a morning person and do not desire to be one and would therefore rather work out during late afternoon or evening hours. Figure out what time your motivation to workout peaks and see if you can work around your schedule to accommodate a quick session during that time.
  4. Incorporate the use of visual aids. Pictures, videos, fitness social media influencers… Make sure you always have visual reminders of your goals. This way, you will always be able to tap into your newly developed discipline whenever motivation is running low in order to achieve the look that your visual aids are supporting.ning hours.
  5. Do not associate ‘working out’ with exclusively working out in the gym and looking like a body builder! Working out can be done is sooooo many different ways (dancing, yoga, running, swimming, hiking, weight lifting). Find what works for you. Be sure to have fun while you’re at it.
  6. Most importantly, never forget that post workout fee- good hormone rush. Feeling good from the inside, plus feeling and looking good on the outside will definitely give you a major boost!

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