Healthy breakfast ideas on a budget.

Getting a healthy breakfast can prove to be quite a challenge especially with the morning rush to work and other obligations, it turns out to be  quite easy to pick something quick and unhealthy but taking a minute to prepare and eat a hearty breakfast will set you up for a good day filled with so much energy.

Here are some under 10mins breakfast recipes that will save you time and reduce your morning calories intake:

Oatmeal – A lot of health trends suggest that carbs are bad for you and too much of them aid weight gain, which is true but not all carbohydrates are bad and oatmeal is a good example of good carbs. Oatmeal contains high fiber which is good for aiding digestion, this super food also reduces cholesterol and is super quick to make. All you need is to simmer oats in water or milk and they are done add a little fruit for the extra nutrients.

Morning oats

Avocado on toast– For this quick recipe I recommend use of brown bread as it contains high fiber, or alternatively you can toast white bread by doing this you cut calorie content of the bread in half. Avocados contain anti-oxidants that are good for nourishing hair and glowing skin, avocado is literally a super food as it also promotes heart health, add a little fruit or tomato to get full nutrients.

Avocado toastAnything with eggs– Eggs are very nutritious and they contain choline  which is a nutrient used to build cell membranes in your body as well as other various nutrients that are essential to the human body.

These breakfasts are quick, easy and nutritious, but if you find yourself still complaining about cost you can still eat healthy for under a dollar, No excuses!!!!

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