Habits to bring into 2019

~The key to sustaining positive change is to turn each desired action into a habit.

Part of mindfulness and healthy living is converting knowledge into daily habits. Good habits are the bridge between you and success, of course changing a habit is hard but with consistency and discipline it can be done.


Goal setting


This practice has been deemed highly effective and most successful people set traceable goals, as the saying goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With goal setting, you’ll also be able to improve your time management skills, which is conducive towards living an overall productive and fulfilling life.





Consistent Prayer and Meditation

We are all spiritual beings and to be fully mindful we need to also feed our spirit. And we can do this by spending time in prayer and meditation. Research has shown that people who start each day with these mindful practices are less depressed and much happier. We recommend that you spend  15 mins in this mindful practice each morning.

Daily Practice of Affirmations

How we speak to ourselves plays a huge role in our confidence and most of us do not even realize it. Pastor Joel Osteen goes into detail about the Power of I am in this video. The I am’s that you say to yourself each day will bring either success or failure, most times we say phrases like I am so unlucky, I am so clumsy and these statements are rooted in our minds that we end up believing these things to be true. Starting using affirmations to your favor, if you start your day with I am HEALTHY you are inviting health into your life, lets start inviting the things we want in our lives by tapping into the power of affirmations.

Social Media Breaks


Social Media is something that has become a part of our lives and while it has helped us keep in touch with family in other continents it has also become a place of negativity and competition so it is beneficial to take a break and connect with the real world . The idea is to remain connected with the present and practice gratitude without comparing our lives to others.





Drink Smart

While drinking alcohol can be deemed fun, excessive in of alcoholism can greatly affect your health and your productivity. Drinking Alcohol has an interest rate that you have to pay called a hangover and the older you get the steeper the rates, consider the time you spend recovering from a hangover which could be spent doing something else that is productive. Practice drinking in moderation for occasions and getting used to having organic fun. You can opt for an occasional glass of red wine instead of beer/hard liquor.


Creativity is not only fun but its also therapeutic , make time for creative hobbies during the weekends or free time, it can be music, art, dancing, writing just express yourself.

Secure the bag

Regardless if you’re an employee or self-employed don’t sell yourself short. Don’t settle for that job that does’t meet your financial requirement, don’t feel obligated to lower your prices for friends and family, don’t burn yourself out for missions that aren’t aligned with your values. Always go where you are appreciated, set your standards and the universe will listen.

Support Small Businesses

Being in a volatile economy most people have been pushed into entrepreneurship and they have even created new jobs for other people. These entrepreneurs have created opportunities and are actively contributing to the growth of our economy and as a nation these are the people we need to rally behind and help rebuild the Zimbabwean Economy.

Get Active.

Each year everyone has goals to be more active. If you’re guilty of failing at this each year, it’s okay. This year try a different way to be physical. Go on power walks, take boxing classes, Zumba, participate in more active and fun sports. Everything doesn’t have to be gym and yoga, find what works for you.

Build Networks.

In order for us to all be successful in our endeavors, support and connections are extremely necessary. Make it a priority to attend networking events to promote your brand, or simply connect and support others who are trying to make a great impact within the community.


Each of us has the power to make individual lifestyle change, which will lead to collective change. Need community support to help along the way? Sign up for our mailing list here.










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