Giving Furniture A New Look

It’s been about two months since I moved in with my husband and this is the first time that a house has been my responsibility ever, let me tell ya’ll that its not as easy as I thought it would be. I was so used to coming home to a clean house, laundry and groceries done and a home cooked meal and I thought it was easy to do, it is much harder in practice so shout out to our moms for always making sure the house was clean. As much as its not the easiest there is a fun side to it because you get to decide what meals you eat, what groceries you buy, how you will decorate your house, what to do with the money your husband earns lol, so I really enjoy the other parts more than I enjoy the responsibility part but that is part of the growing up package there is no way around it.

I’ve always wanted a nice entry way because that’s the first thing people see when they enter your home right, but we had no furniture yet to put on that space or so I thought. We had this shelf from my mom in love that we were basically using to store everything from books, to keys to laundry pegs , it was cool but the space was just lacking creativity, I literally had an aha moment the other day and thought but wait I can totally change this thing into something chic and that I did. I went out to get a Can of paint and got to work, I also had some old vases and jars I had neglected as well because of the colour and I then put them to use that day.

See the before and after picture below





Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for furniture, totally looks different. This is a cool home decor project to try at home for half the cost, will you be upcyclying any furniture this weekend, let me know by tagging me on social, thanks for stopping by..xxx

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