Just two days ago Ethiopia elected Sahle Work-Zewde into office as the first female president and it is an exciting time for African women and women all over the world.  The appointment of Ms Sahle-Work Zewde as President of Ethiopia is yet another sign of Ethiopia’s path towards reform and intentional gender equality practices.

This is an exciting and inspiring time for young women all over, It is evidence that #GirlsCan accomplish each and everything they set their mind to, it doesn’t matter where you start, it doesn’t matter where you come from, there is greatness in each one of us and Miss Sahle is evidence of what you can accomplish if you put in the work.

Your resilience and strength are your God given superpowers, Women are anointed by God to overcome, to conquer so I’m here to remind you today to trust your struggle, to take failure in your stride because that is where you learn and grow.

President Sahle has forged a new path for women, may we have the zeal, strength and courage to follow our journeys and paths as fearlessly as she has because we are profoundly brilliant.






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