Generation Unmarried

One thing that is certain when you are growing up is the cycle of life, you get a college degree, you get a job, get married and then have kids and we generally look forward to life going in that same cycle for every single person, but what if you crave adventure or something different. I have always imagined I’d grow up, find Mr Right, get married have kids and settle on a farm somewhere and make enough money to raise our kids but my views have since changed.

There was once a very good reason for women to jump into marriage at a very early stage and that was when men were hunters and protectors while women were child bearers and home maintainers, so we needed to get married because men had all the survival skills. However now those women are more emancipated most of them are doubtful about entering into a lifetime commitment with someone.

As a 20-something old you are just beginning to figure out what life has to offer, you are starting to explore your passions and gaining confidence about who you are and most of the time you don’t even know where exactly you are going to land. I know sometimes I imagine myself raising two beautiful kids with the love of my life on a farm somewhere and other times I am living a very single life in a New York penthouse working for Vogue and other times I’m globetrotting with my life partner, I mean the possibilities are endless in your 20s but however when you are approaching late 20s you have to pick one and run with it.

You might have met the “One” and he’s perfect and you are happy but the fact that you are acutely aware of the many lives you would like to lead makes it hard to think of marriage as the IT, I mean is it enough fulfilment? I believe everyone is tasked with a purpose, some gift you have to give to the world and I imagine that marriage confines you in a box where it is unlikely that you will reach your full potential and live out your true purpose.

The millennial generation craves freedom to do the things they’re passionate about, they crave newness and new challenges everyday more than they crave stability and this is what makes them hesitant about marriage. There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a person, a place or time the idea that it has to end up in marriage is scary for most young women. I believe God created the institution of marriage for the purpose of pro-creation not Love.

Perhaps what the “Generation Unmarried” is desperate for is to live life to the fullest, to bask in their own freedom and they are afraid a marital commitment will slow them down.

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  • Tapiwa , Direct link to comment

    Hi Dee

    If our society was not soo judgemental, I believe generation unmarried would be a success. I believe in it!!!

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