Breakfast with Passion

Nothing says good morning ☀️ than a colorful healthy breakfast. For this week’s #healthwednesday I’m sharing this Greek yogurt bowl that is full of protein and healthy fats.

Fruits and veg have become so expensive in the current environment but a good way to get around that obstacle is to buy from street vendors, the cost is significantly lower and to also look for fruits that are in season. Granadillas or passion fruits are everywhere this time of year .

Before we get into the recipe I am just going to share with you some of the benefits of passion fruit and why you should totally be eating it below:

For this recipe you will need :

  1. Greek or plain yogurt.
  2. Passion fruit
  3. Honey or sweetener
  4. Choice of nuts or seeds.


  1. Pour your yogurt in a bowl and add all the extras in as well, make sure to make it aesthetically pleasing, we eat with our eyes first before we taste.

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