Books and Podcasts to try in 2021

It has become somewhat of a tradition on my WhatsApp status that every end of the year I publish a list of the books I read during the year and which ones I recommend, however this year I decided to bring it here to the site so a lot more people can access the books easily. I got into the habit of reading just after college when I started to watch Jay Shetty on Facebook, my whole outlook on life completely shifted from I am so unlucky in life to I can do anything I set my mind on if I apply myself.

Books have the ability to shift your perspective to see the good in yourself and the world around you, I consider them my most important source of education better than any qualification I received in all my years of education, so this year I’m challenging you to get into the habit of reading, I try to read at least 5 books a year. If you’re not much of a reader and you do better at listening, there are a lot of audiobooks and podcasts now available online.

The books I read this year are:

  1. The 5 am club by Robin Sharma– This one was by far one of my favorite reads, I have always advocated for a morning routine but this book deeply explains how the top 5% have a morning routine. He makes a convincing case that will persuade the most sleep loving people that to be excellent you need to wake up early.
  2. Unique Woman by Ed and Nancy Cole– This book I encourage all women to read no matter the age, It talks about God’s vision for women and how we can live in the way God intended.
  3. How to not die by Michael Greger– It talks about how a lot of diseases can come to be in our bodies and how we can prevent or reverse most of them by using the plant-based diet, I recommend it for women who suffer from hormonal imbalances and other female related illnesses.
  4. Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood– I read this book but I do not advocate for it, it basically talks about how women should act towards their husbands with the focus being submission, I have nothing against submission but I don’t believe in advising women to not work and just be at home all the time, other parts of the books are helpful but overall it’s not for me I even struggled to finish it.

All books I have mentioned can be downloaded free from here.

Let’s move over to podcasts, they are a quick way to really learn and grow without having to sit down and read, I listen to them while I drive, cook, clean or when I go running that way I stay productive and learn at the same time. Here’s a list of my fav podcasts in 2020.

  1. Conversations with mpoomy and yolz– This podcast is run by two young wives who are doing it for God, family, and themselves. They talk about real challenges young women of faith are facing and learning to navigate them, they are fun and quirky, listening-in feels like you are having a chat with your close friend about life in general, I highly recommend this one. Unfortunately, they took an indefinite break when Covid started, they are still to return but there are plenty of episodes to binge on in the meantime.
  2. Lessons with Lion – Lebo Lion is an expert in personal branding and marketing and on her podcast she teaches the ins and out of building a personal and business brand, she addresses the question of how can I get people to notice me and start buying if you’re a small business owner or aspiring influencer then this is the best gal to listen to.
  3. Rotten Mango– This podcast is not for learning but for entertainment, Stephanie is a true-crime podcaster who dissects true crime in a vivid way, she goes deep into the psychology of killers and what makes them behave the way they do, its definitely an interesting one, especially if you love true crime.
  4. Business Wars– gives you the real story of what drives competitors to new heights or to ruin, they look into the stories of how some of the bring brands came to be like Netflix and how they managed to boot out the competition at the time, if you love a good story about innovation and business genius this is the podcast for you.

I get my podcasts from google podcast it is available on the playstore to download, I hope you pick one or two books and podcats to listen to trust me it will be worth the time. Happy New Year !!!

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