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Growing up I was always skinny and both maternal and paternal families are big people so people would always say when she gets to high school she will gain weight when I didn’t it was wait until she gets to university and I got to uni and gained a tonne of weight actually and it’s been over 2 years struggling with this weight.I did however loose a few kgs in the past 3 months but what I’m really struggling to deal with is belly fat. How do young women deal with belly fat, do diets work and detox water…. A lot of young women rave about ginger water and I have been taking it for a while now, I must say it works in terms of reducing bloat and it definitely helps with dry skin.


Any women my age who have the same struggles? If there are how are you dealing with belly fat and image issues. Do people constantly comment about your weight and how do you deal with that. How do you get comfortable with what you are at the moment while you are working towards your weight loss goals. As a person who has tried a couple of diets and some of them have worked for example banting works for losing weight but I found that I was tired most of the time because of lack of energy, there are no carbs in banting so energy levels are low. I have also consulted some fitness enthusiasts and they reckon that consistency is the key to health and its not about Weight-loss its more about fitness and health. So you need to avoid sugar and focus on whole foods and also get an accountability buddy to keep you accountable. A healthy lifestyle is more sustainable than diets that are on and off.

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  • Janet Thorley , Direct link to comment

    Hello dear,you are not in this struggle alone trust me..
    One issue that I deal with all the time especially when I’m away from home is my weight..Like I don’t even workout,i just lose weight anyhow.. However,whenever I’m home, it’s a different story all together. I’ve been home for just 3 weeks and I’ve gained so much weight.. But u know what, I love it! People are always like oh, “you are too fat” ” look at your stomach ”
    But really, I don’t care because i Iove my body just the way it is… And I feel beautiful about it.. I actually prefer gaining weight than losing it…

  • New Era Technologies , Direct link to comment

    Body image is definitely an issue especially in 2018, but at the end of the day if you are happy with how you look then you shouldn’t worry about what people may say. However if you are not there is need to find out how best you can get the body you want, and commit to it, like join fitnessbae on the fitness journey and all.

    Love the blog by the way 🙂

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