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One thing I have noticed be it skincare or Hair care is that moisture or hydration is an important part of it. I have been paying much more attention to my skin since after college two years ago and I have tried all sorts of routines and I can finally say I have zeroed in on what works for glowing skin. This whole routine is under $15 with the coffee scrub being more expensive at $8, however you can make one at home using coffee and coconut oil it works the same.

The cleanser costs $6 and it’s important in any skincare routine, you don’t want to use a harsh soap on your face because it’s softer so you need something that’s gentle as well. The tissue oil is a must sis, I use the EAD tissue oil serum and it the best, it contains all the good oils like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Argan oil and all the good oils which have a good moisturizing effect, I promise you this stuff is amazing and you need to try it.

The first step in my skincare is

  1. Cleansing – using my Garner oil control cleanser.
  2. Scrub – using vanilla skincare coffee scrub/make your own coffee scrub using coffee and coconut oil.
  3. Moisturize – using AED tissue oil.

While this routine works, there are also other factors that help my skin to glow, I incorporate a lot of antioxidants in my diet for example I start my day with a cup of ginger, honey and lemon ?. Lemon contains vitamin c which helps your skin glow. So having at least one cup of this tea a day will also help your skin to retain moisture and to glow. You can find this recipe in my previous post.

The tissue oil will leave you shining bright like a ? , so I suggest you use it an hour before you leave the house, it will also give your skin time to seep in all the good stuff before you leave. Let me know if you try this routine and how it works out for you.

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