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A sense of Nolstagia

When I was 8 years old, I broke my leg, I had jumped from the garage roof at my grandparent’s house,even though my grandma had warned me against doing it I went right ahead because I wanted to prove to my then friends that I was cool and I could do cool stuff. The pain of breaking my leg was punishment enough but you know adults will makesure you know the I told you so part just so you feel the pain of regret and the pain of breaking your leg.

Regardless of the pain I felt that day when I look back to that time I amĀ  overwhelmed by a sense of nolstagia, a deep longing to go back there because now that I’m older it seems that those days were the best. Waking up and just thinking what kind of mischief am I going to get up to today and whose house are we going to and other very easy problems you had as a child.

A more recent memory is when I sat down to look at pictures we took about 5 years ago as a family. My little sister Kuziva was just beginning to walk and I was in upper six about to write exams. I remember that day like it was yesterday because she gave the photographer such grief, she wouldn’t sit still and he had to follow her everywhere to get the perfect shot. As I was going through those pictures I again felt a deep sense of nostalgia, just wanting to relive those small moments, and what I found is that nomatter what period of your past you look at, even last month you feel nostalgic, you want to go back and relive that moment . Which got me thinking a lot of us don’t really get to live in the present and appreciate it as it comes we only get to look back and wish we had appreciated the time more.

Time is fleeting and we only realize it when we are older and we have already wasted most of our years chasing things that we realize that they weren’t valuable at all. An old man on his death bed was asked what his regrets were and he answered that I wish I had lived more, I wish I’d spent more time with the people I love and I wish I hadn’t worked as much as I did. So my word of advice to young people who still have time on their hands is live every moment in the present, the present might seem hard but looking back you’ll wish you had taken the opportunity to really live.

Cultivate real and meaningful relationships once you do work extra hard to keep them, make time for your friends and family, let them know you care about them and take loads of pictures because when you lose someone pictures become gold, so trust me when I say take loads of them.

And lastly share experiences with the ones you love, travel and see the world or even see your country as long as it is an experience and a memory. You are making these memories for yourself so that when you are older you look back at your past with a smile and not a frown. My favorite Ed Sheeran song ‘Photograph’ puts this perfectly .

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time’s forever frozen still

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