4 Ways To Maintain a relationship with God

Ever since I shared my testimony I have had the same questions asked of me almost weekly, people want to know how I manage to keep believing in God, how I stay in the word and how I keep my prayer life active even when life gets busy, or sometimes life itself has knocked us down and left us feeling discouraged, how then do you get back into the word and continue believing in God. In this post, I’ll be sharing 3 ways I use to stay in touch with God.

  1. Make a daily appointment with God

Like any relationship, our relationship with God requires work, in order to know God intimately we need to spend time with him, one way to do that is to make sure we block a specific time each day to go and meet with God, even Jesus prioritized time alone to be with God Mark 6:45-46. Find a time in your day that is free of any distractions, sit down, read the word journal and pray. If you’re new to reading the bible and don’t know where to begin, start by reading the book of Acts, it details Jesus’ journey on earth up to the time he left earth to be with his father, once you’re in your rhythm you can add a chapter of psalms and proverbs each day.

2. Ask God for a Rhema word

Sometimes life will get in the way and we miss our appointment with God, don’t be quick to condemn yourself because the Lord himself gives us grace, instead ask God what is my RHEMA WORD for the day. A RHEMA is a specific word which the holy spirit quickens in our hearts or mind at a specific time for a specific purpose. We receive this word when the holy spirit leads us to a certain scripture that ministers to us in the situation we are facing. When I miss my appointment with God I always ask for a RHEMA word and I am led to scripture that ministers to throughout the day. I challenge you to seek your own Rhema word on days you can’t sit down to read the word.

3. Follow a devotional Plan

Following a plan makes it easier to stay on track with your spiritual goals, it also gives us prayer prompts because sometimes we don’t always know how to pray or what to say during prayer, this is an easy way to spend time with God. YOU version bible has many devotionals that cover a lot of topics, it even allows you to invite friends to do devotionals with you.

4. Keep a Prayer Journal

As you read your bible, you will come accross verses that will minister to you, a prayer journal will allow you to jot these down for future reference. It can also be useful in keeping your prayer requests and writing down your prayers. I have managed to keep track of God’s goodness because of my prayer journal, I write my prayers down and I revisit them after a few months check back and I’m always in awe of how God has worked in my life and this then builds my faith. If you participated in the prayer journal challenge you know what I mean.

To know God, we have to spend time with Him. Even Jesus had to spend time with God, and he is God! How important is it then that we mere humans spend time with God?

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