20s Disorder

Having just turned 24 I feel so much anxiety about where I am in life,everyone keeps telling me to relax, that Im young and I still have time but I’m convinced success has a deadline and its getting closer with each passing day and everybody does say that your 20s are going to be the best time of your life which doesn’t help my anxiety at all. I know for a fact that I am not the only one feeling pressure to do more whilst still in your 20s,especially in the social media age where you see a lot of 21-23 year olds living their best lives and going on vacation countless times a year and you’re out here trying to make it to the end of the month with your salary and that’s if you’re employed.  So you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong that others are getting right and how are you still figuring out your goals when others have long figured them out

We don’t see a lot of successful people document their struggles to get to where they are ,so all we see as young adults is people who have made it in life without any resistance and this makes us question where we are in our lives. We need to have more people talk about their journey whilst they are still walking it , so when they get to the other side all of us can be witnesses to their journey and know that it can be done. As young people we are in desperate need of inspiration, we need to see someone actually struggle and then see them make it to affirm that your struggles are for something.We generally live in a world where we celebrate the young, successful and over achievers were there are the Mark Zuckerberg and the Kylie Jenners of this world who have made it big at a very young age, its easy to feel small, insecure and irrelevant and to convince ourselves that we will never #levelup to the standard they have set, but success has a different face for each individual, what constitutes success for one person may not constitute success for the next. You may see someone you went to school with become CEO at a very young age, you on the other hand don’t really want to be CEO but you still feel some type of way. My advice to people my age is stay true to who you are,focus on the things that fuel you, stay hungry and most of all be patient,nothing comes easy and sometimes you have to work for a very long time before your passion pays off,it will all be worth it in the end.

I am a young woman who thought and wanted to graduate Uni and not have to work because I’d have been successful already, but I learnt the hard way that it takes more than two years to build a successful brand, however I am still focused and determined on my goals and I can tell you it’s difficult and most people think what I am trying to pursue is crazy but I am not deterred, this is me documenting the hard parts of my journey so that when I  finally succeed some young woman out there who is as fearless as me may know that it is hard but doable. The goal is to be successful and not to look successful . So young women who are suffering the 20s disorder ,relax you are not alone.

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