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In the last post we spoke about the causes of hormonal issues, top of it being diet and exercise, however, we covered how some external things like beauty products containing parabens, sulphates and phthalates can also disrupt the natural flow of our hormones. In this post, we will be discussing how we can balance our hormones naturally, As Dr Hyman said women do not have to suffer through painful periods when we have solutions in the very food we eat.

As women we have been taught from a young age that PMS, cysts and fibroids are things that occur naturally in the body but you’d be surprised to learn that these things are a direct result of our environment and lifestyle, they are a sign of underlying hormonal imbalances and can be very much treated and NO the answer is not in a pill, it is in the lifestyle.

The answer is in the diet

The right diet will become your reset button. We know that excess alcohol, refined sugars, caffeine, stress and lack of exercise contribute to hormonal imbalances, so the first step to recovery would be to do less of these things over time then eventually cut them out. Imbalances in the female body are mostly caused by bad food, if you consume refined sugar often your body will produce more insulin and more estrogen than needed in your body leading to your body being out of sync.

What Part Does Dairy Play in Aiding Hormonal Imbalance?

Dairy products are one of the biggest contributors to hormonal imbalance due to the fact that milk the primary ingredient in all dairy product contains hormones and antibiotics when mixed with your own hormones it causes them to become out of whack with the natural balance of your body. You’ll definitely benefit from cutting back on that cheese and milk, I have found that plant milk is more friendly to my hormones and you can find them on pook.

What Else can I do to balance my hormones

Manage Stress – Stress leads to an increase in adrenaline and cortisol, which can affect your hormonal levels. If you find yourself in a stressful situation try to do a few breathing exercises, go for a walk or call a friend, it will go a long way in benefitting your health.

Exercise – it’s known to decrease insulin levels and promote insulin sensitivity which means that energy/glucose is distributed slowly and evenly throughout your body. High insulin spikes can lead to inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Women who already suffer from cysts, fibroids or hormonal imbalances are advised to do low-intensity workout to avoid stress.

Herbs and Tea -The use of herbs like Moringa has been proven to work as anti-tumour properties that prevent the formation of cysts and fibroids, however, if you are pregnant or trying to be pregnant do not consume moringa as it has anti-fertility properties. Vitex tea s a herb known to support progesterone production, it can be found in health stores in Harare.

If you’ve struggled with PMS, cysts and other hormonal issues, what did you find best helped alleviate the issue? Did you have to look beyond conventional medicine to find those answers? Share your thoughts below or on my instagram Page.

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