Small things that You can do Everyday to maintain Health

They say the secret to success is in your daily routine, the same thing goes for health, the daily decisions you make contribute to your overall health. When we talk about health people generally think the food we are eating or are we exercising enough but overall health is not only those two things it encompases our happiness and mental health, so in this post I will be sharing with you some everyday tips and tricks I use to stay on top of my health and wellbeing.

Waking Up Early


Rising with the sun gives you an opportunity to wake up in the tranquility of the morning and plan for your day without any distractions, it provides the clarity you need to plan ahead and be intentional for the day . When we wake up our willpower is on 100% but as we go throughout the day making decisions like what to wear, what to eat and so forth it depletes our mental energy and we are prone to make terrible decisions later in the day, so taking the time to sit down and plan in the morning allows you to make quality decisions when your brain is still sharp and its best, as Robin Sharma said “Own your morning, Elevate your life.”

Nourishing Your Body

Taking the time to properly nourish your body will benefit your overall health, diets that are high in processed food can make you feel tired constantly resulting in you being unable to meet your daily goals, constant consumption of these foods can lead to diseases such as diabetes and obesity. A simple way to add more nutrients in your diet is to makesure you add veggies to your every meal. If you are a smoothie person add dark leafy greens like kale or spinach in your smoothie to get more nutrients.

Move Your Body


Exercise lol, even I dread exercising but I can’t deny the benefits of it. Generally if you’re an adult with a job in an office you live a sedentary lifestyle, meaning you have little to no movement and couple that with a high carb processed sugar diet you are at a serious risk of diseases and people often think that because they are skinny or average weight they are healthy and safe from diseases but this is far from the truth especially for women, food and a lack of exercise certainly affects our hormones and general well being so it’s important for us to take care of ourselves by exercising. You can start by a small daily challenge of a 100 squats or skips a day, cardio is good for overall wellness.

Limit Your Social Media Time


We have always known that too much social media is not good for us but the recent Netflix film Social Dilemma provided some sobering facts of why we should limit social media time. Besides being created as a tool for communication it has become a place of comparison, insecurity and a distraction from our everyday work and family life. The reality is that most families will be in the same room but in different places because of social media, if you find yourself comparing yourself to people you don’t know on the internet then it’s time to put the phone down and focus on your current blessings, which you have a lot of if you take time to appreciate them, wake up and smell the roses.

I hope some of these tips will be useful for you, let me know on my socials.

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