10 Affirmations For When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

The long weekend is over and while we got some rest it can still feel overwhelming to go back to work, you are not in the work zone and you don’t know where to start, I found that affirmations help in any situation so here are 10 affirmations to get over the overwhelm you’re feeling :

Imagine yourself in a peaceful place like a garden ?? with a flowing river :

Take a deep breath in and out ?

Lets begin ? :

?In this moment I accept what I’m feeling and I know my feelings are valid.
?I rebuke any feelings of anxiety.
?Anxiety has no place in my life.
? I am on a path designed just for me.
?Peace and Joy are filling my life.
?I release the need for perfection.
?I choose to be calm and centered, regardless of the situation.
?I do my best
?I trust the process and embrace the journey.

The practice of affirmations has helped a lot of people including me reduce feelings of anxiety.

Hope it will be helpful to you as well.

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