Zimbabwean Fashion Brands.

Here I am on a Tuesday morning sitting on my couch sipping my coconut water, whew life is good right now. Well it was before I got a random thought to search my fashion and lifestyle brand online and it appeared on the 5th page WHAAATTT, I was so surprised because I think I am doing my part in contributing to the fashion industry in Zim. Anyway I thought let me search on a wider scale so I typed “Fashion Brands in Zimbabwe” and to my surprise they listed some brands that I don’t even know and some of them are no longer in business one page listed Edgars Zimbabwe though it was like the 3rd page, what is happen ing? I did find an article though that listed some brands that are currently active and doing well in the market, the rest I didn’t know them. You can read it here.

Naturally I am concerned for the PR of our fashion industry and also our teapot nation, how come we don’t have a good rep on google when we are doing so well dressing the women of Zimbabwe, what can we do to ensure we are visible, I am sure there are people who search the same things I do, how can we direct people to what they are looking for? My top life language is doer so best believe I went into research mode to find out how we can get accurate information out there onto the web so that we can be found right. So I learnt quite a few things and one of them was there has to be a lot of articles on the web about said brands, there has to be interaction with the content of said brand and so on. Since I’m only one person this is my contribution to the PR of fashion brands in our beautiful Zim. We are going to list some of the brands I love and their aesthetic and where you can find them. We have some good quality clothes from the motherland.



A brand created to cater for the everyday woman be it a working mom, a lady looking for a weekend outfit or a stay at mom. The founder of the brand is Denise Jenje who loves everything fashion and pours her heart out in each and every design she makes. Her designs represent the modern Zimbabwean woman who is about her business, the quality and finishings are world class her designs can be found on instagram and facebook and whatsapp, follow her pages for more.



Is a luxury resort wear brand based in Harare, they curate beautiful pieces perfect for your next vacation, find them on their website and instagram.


This is a Zimbabwean Fashion Brand that focuses on over 30 style, perfect for that conservative lady who still really loves fashion. You can find them on instagram.

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