Work From Home Looks: Linen Pants

Working from home can be such a drag, it’s hard to find the same motivation as when you are in the office, it is so easy to want to wake up and work from the bed which is nice once in a while but then your productivity could be affected. What has been working for me is getting dressed as if I’m going to work but with the freedom to put my own twist on it. My favorite lounging look is definitely the linen pant, the lightweight fabric makes it feel like you’re wearing a pyjama when you’re actually wearing really chic pants.

The pants are also versatile, you can pair them with any top from summery tops to chunky winter jersey’s, in the look below I chose to paired mine with my husbands shirt and it came put great, think I’m going to be borrowing from my husband’s closet quite often lol ?.

Below is a lookbook of some of my favorite linen pants looks, I’m planning to rock some of these soon. Do you own a pair of linen pants? Do post them and tag us on our socials for a repost on our page.

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