Wedding Season!!!

Hey guys I am Back after a whole a month and a half..been way too long I know, my excuse is my personal life, it is in shambles right now but that’s a story for another day.
Anyway you guys its almost August and I am going on 23 on the 5th,,I feel so old you know. Another thing August is usually the beginning of wedding season up to December, people get married all year I know but this portion of the year is generally when most weddings happen right.  

 To mark the beginning of wedding season I bring you the Olivier Dress!!!!(yes I named it lol)
I named it that because of the colour and also I love the name Olivier ,I think I might name my first kid that husband permitting lol.

 Guys I am in Love with this dress, If only I had a wedding to wear it to. It is a two piece dress, the sheer fabric is a light organza and the inside romper is a olive green stretch material.

 It comes with a choice of a romper/play-suit inside or a tiny dress but my personal favourite is having the little romper inside because when its time to hit the dance floor you can just get rid of the organza dress and hit the dance floor more comfortably.

 The slit my personal touch as the designer of this dress, I am proud of myself here guys, this dress is flames and it was designed and sewn  by me…I actually really love it.

                                                 Credits : Photography- Onyx By Tirivashe
                                                                Designer – Denise For Duchess Couture
                                                                Dress is available on request from Duchess couture

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