Under ZW$200 Looks For Summer

My life has not been the same since I made the decision to create a capsule wardrobe , it has made dressing up a lot easier and I spend less on clothes but its not a must for everybody, you can still save some money this summer and heres how :

  1. Buy Local– Most people who purchase clothing purchase from local boutiques who have a variety of nice clothing, however these clothes have been imported from mostly China and they pay duty in USD to get them to you, when you then buy them the cost is significantly high, if you’re a girl on a budget like me buying local is a better option. Places like China or Tanzania tend to deal with fast fashion and trends so you find that something you bought there are 20 other girls who have it, by buying local you are assured that less than 5 people have that same piece of clothing. Here are a few looks from local designers under ZW$200 and where you can find them.
Outfit by Local Designer Nombi Styleth and this skirt is $ZW80. Nombi is also a stylist and she can help you come up with looks for your shoot, your event or your work day, you can contact her here for some of her services.
Snake Print Tops from @denisek_lifestyle.
Denisek_lifestyle top ZW$90 Pants ZW$130
  1. Thrift– Going thrift shopping cuts your clothing budget in half its the true definition of looking chic on a budget. Thrift shopping has its drawbacks for example going in knee deep to look for something nice, wearable and still in good condition is tedious but to avoid going all the thrift shopping dram,you can shop thrift clothing online here. All under ZW$100.

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