The Preloved clothes conversation

Been wanting to write this post for a while, I was like should I or not and I came to the conclusion that I should . So what are your thoughts on preloved clothes, would you wear these clothes, do you think its noticeable when you wear preloved clothes.  I am a very open person in general, check my twitter if you think i’m lying lol so im not the least bit embarassed about this post (Disclaimer).

For some reason people think its embarrassing to wear preloved or thrifted clothes but considering the Zimbabwean economy and student status I don’t think it is, and most of the fashionable clothes fashionistas want to wear you don’t find in Zimbabwe and if you go down the bhero you’ll find most trendy clothes after a few searches. 

 However the process of getting these clothes might be annoying I must admit because you have to bow down and search through a pile of clothes, but its worth it at least for me because I have found so many goldies in there and mostly its for less than $5 all the time.

 I think its important for people to live within their means even though we are living in an Instagram and snap chat era, generally in this day and age people put unrealistic pressure on us and we are human tongodawo zvinhu, so me here I am ndikuda zvinhu and living within my means and not ashamed. But of course you cant be just a bhero person, spoil yourself sometimes ,life is short and you deserve a killer coat, a little black dress and at least on pair of louboutins.

 Say it with me “I cannot afford to buy expensive clothes all the time and its okay “.

So can you tell  which of these clothes are actually preloved and which are not? I bet you cant.

Photography always by Onyxbytirivashe

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