The controversial photoshoot.

So one of our friends had an idea for a photo shoot which was pitched to me and I was also on board because I thought it would be a breath of fresh air considering all our photo shoots before. The shoot director was basically going for an semi-nude approach but it wasn’t nude, we were actually very dressed compared to how so people dress in broad daylight (no judgement).

During the shoot we had so much fun and we were so excited for the pictures to come out. But when they finally came out and we published them on our social platforms we had mixed views from people, a lot of people had their own opinions over the shoot and me being a soft spoken person it actually got to me and I quickly deleted all the pictures I had posted on social media.

We got positive feedback mostly from females but from males I got comments like you are promoting lesbianism and things like are you naked and are you insane or is that pornography. My question is, is this photo shoot so bad that society cannot accept it. I know that in our society we are conservative but what do you choose to follow conservatism or to follow your passion. 

 I understand and respect society’s views but in this day and age I do not think society is something that should stop you from Living your life, You can never please everyone, so the greatest lesson I got from This is, do what you want as long as it is legal and God approves of it.

 I think this concept is actually bomb and we looked bomb too and I think we achieved what we set out to do in this photo shoot and this is actual proof that we were not naked.

 So you as a reader what’s your take on the whole situation , should we as a brand consider society’s views, even though our clientele agrees with the photo shoot or should Just be us and continue with our fabulous ideas.

Credits: All accessories available at duchess couture
Make up by Glam by Cheneso
Photography by Onyx by Tirivashe
Shoot director Noma Mitchell
Models ; Laura Tapiwah and Rue Lolo

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