Style Essentials This Season.

Try a monochromatic outfit.

For an instant boost of chicness, a monochrome outfit always does the trick. Add a pop of color through your accessories, if the monochrome is too much.

Tuck/tie your top

This really transforms your look from a zero to hundred real quick. It helps make your waist look smaller and it makes the look very thoughtful. You can rock it both formally and casually.

Add a pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a finishing accessory to your outdoors-all day outfit, they protect not only your eyes, but your skin as well. The wider the frame the more fashionable they are.

They are must have especially during summer, as highlighted in the previous blog post.

Add a hat to your outfit

Summer hats, winter hats, it doesn’t matter: hats are in, and they instantly give your look a more elevated edge.

Try a cool fedora in the summer, or go for that wide-brimmed felt hat in the cooler months. Either way, a hat will become your new best friend.

Add a third piece

Third pieces range from kimonos to coats, and they make an outfit polished and well put together. A tan coat added to an all black is timeless and classic, and is always my favorite.

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