Street Chic

Its so amazing how a photoshoot can make someone want to blog blog blog lol. So one of my favorite looks during the photoshoot was the street chic look styled by Noma friend and business partner. What i really love about this look is that its simple but fab at the same time. All black with a few accessories to make the whole oufit pop.

This is a look I would not try on my own because I am such a girly girl but its definitly something im willing to try more in the future.

Credits: Hat from @houseoflicia https://www.instagram.com/house_of_licia/?hl=en
             Outfit Mrp SA
             Choker from @DuchessbyDenise https://www.instagram.com/duchess_by_denise/?hl=en
             Shoes and Bag from @house of licia
             Pictures by https://www.instagram.com/onyxbytirivashe/?hl=en

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