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So I was watching this top billing episode recently and they featured this camp called Somalisa camp in Hwange owned by Entrepreneur Beks Ndlovhu a Zimbabwean . It is a little heaven in the wilderness and I would like to visit some day. He also built the home of his dreams and his perspective on art is impeccable, the house has stairs made out of trees, I recommend you watch that episode.

This guy definitely lives on his own terms and he has his own perspective of what is beautiful and what inspired me was his ability to create something so unique out in the wilderness and making it beautiful and to actually build a business out of it, talk about turning passion into profit. Accommodation at Somalisa camp ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. I had no idea there were places like that in Zimbabwe and there are people who are actually living out their dreams, so who am I not to chase my dreams, who are you not to chase your dreams, Can we start living on our terms please. I do not believe we are just born to work and pay bills. I believe in living life, find your passion and turn it into profit.

Advice that I got from Rich dad was , take jobs in line with your passions for the purpose of learning instead of profit and this will be beneficial in the long run. Advice I got from Issa Rae who is the star and writer of my favorite show insecure( probably cz I might be Issa in real life lol but I can really relate to Issa’s character in the show, its a must watch too), She said that its not about going to the big sharks in the industry and asking to get in the inner circles but it can be about you getting together with your friends or acquaintances and just working together to build something, you might find out you can come up with something amazing, just like she has. And the actors in insecure are not that famous but have become famous because of that show. So girl dont let your circumstances, this darn economy or whatever stop you from chasing your dreams, Get up from the TV and use what you have at that moment.

Speaking of which, fashion is my passion and this post is a motivational/fashion related. So this is just a lookbook of the dress that I made inspired by Lerato Kgamanye this hot south african babe and she a blogger too. So I really love this dress its great for summer and its super lightweight and I am in love with the striped material. The dress is currently on sale from Duchess. Enjoy pictures of the dress. Ciao and thank you for stopping by.

Credits: Dress from Duchess Couture
Photography: Official Kiclo
Styling: Denise
Bag: Kotamai Boutique

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