How to zhoosh up your straw bag: Pom Pom style.

So I have had my straw bag for quite a few years and I enjoy using it in summer but lately I fell out of love with it☹️, instead of just tossing it I decided to give it new life. So I picked up a couple of Pom poms and decided to do a diy project . I loved the results that I decided to share just in case you want to try it. So for this project you will need :

  • Pom poms ( you can buy these at shindig corner In town or you can make them yourself)
  • Strong glue/ needle and thread
  • An old handbag

Method :

  1. If you’re using glue make sure you use a strong glue, I used wood glue. So you take your glue and place on the bag. Mark the positions you want the Pom poms to sit.
  2. Leave it to dry a little bit and then attach the Pom Poms on your bag.
  3. Leave them to dry for at least 10 mins.

And Voila!!! You have your new bag.

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