Fashion feature : Denim Dom X Duchess by Denise

What happens two fashion entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about what their brands represent?  Magic, fireworks, overdose of chic are just some of the words I can come up with off the top of my head. This shoot was nothing short of a good time I mean it was dressing up and taking pictures and that literally defines every woman’s good time right!

Denim dom is a fashion house that retails vintage mom jeans and as you can see from the pictures they cater for every woman, doesn’t matter shape or size. What’s importaznt to every woman when shopping for jeans is the fit right, and I can honestly tell you thatthe fit on their jeans is perfect and the best part is the Jeans are super affordable.

Duchess by Denise is a brand for the everyday girl, comfortable, stylish and affordable which is why Duchess By Denise and Denim Dom go together perfectly as an outfit, bothe the brands represent the typical Zimbabwean girl, styish and loves trends.

Pair the Duchess by Denise Tube top and the Denim Dom jeans to get a bomb #ootd.

Outfits Available from @duchess_by_denise and @denim_dom_zw on instagram.





























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