6 Shows Every Fashion Girl Must Watch!

Fashion girls are always looking for inspo everywhere and one of the places I have been getting a lot of it is from TV shows and movies. In the times we are living in we don’t get to dress up for dinner parties or attend glamorous events so what better way to satisfy our fashion needs but to watch them on TV and live vicariously through them. In this post I list 6 shows that every fashion girl must watch, these shows are made out of every girl’s dream.

Sex and the city 2

If you’ve ever needed proof that your best life starts in your 30s then this is it. This show follows four life long friends as they take a trip to Abu Dhabi, where they have to confront some truths about their lives back home, it is a fun-filled movie that is focused on real-life issues but also a lot of high fashion, this is a must-watch for fashion lovers looking for some inspo.

Crazy Rich Asians

Adapted from a bestselling book from 2013, this movie follows the life of an ordinary NYU professor who follows the love of her life to his home country, having no idea that her beau is from wealth. Throughout the movie, we are graced with outfits from the rich and famous of Singapore and you know what the means, COUTURE, COUTURE, and more couture. If you missed this rom-com you need to watch it.

Emily In Paris

You know this one is good because it comes from the director of Sex and the City 2 and from there we can anticipate high fashion looks and dreamy scenes, the best part is it’s set in Paris, the city of love and high fashion, I don’t have to convince you any further, watch it on Netflix.


Sure we’re still thinking about the Duke of Hastings and his love story, but it was the fashion that stood out and had most people wishing they had lived in the era of beaded gowns and beautiful crowns. Even though most of the fashion is not applicable in 2021 where most people are in lockdown there are still fashion eyecandy, if you haven’t already watch it here.

The Intern

I can never get tired of this one because I can relate to the story line, it follows an entrepreneur who is trying to successfully run an e-commerce business and also juggle family (sound familiar lol) it shows the realities of working in the fashion industry and also serves some beautifully put together office fashion.

Killing Eve

One of the best shows on TV follows an agent Eve Polastri hunting down a fashionable assasin Villanaile, now I know you’re not supposed to like Villanaile because she kills people and all but the fashion she pulls make it hard to hate her, if you love a crime drama with a bonus of high fashion this is definitely a must-watch.

If you haven’t watched any of these you’re missing out, if you’ve watched them, what did you think, let me know on my socials.

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