4 Fashion Instagram accounts to follow this week.

Hey beautiful people! In today`s edition, we have come up with 4 accounts. Check them out and get as much fashion inspo as you want😊.


When comfort meets style!!!


African queen on the deck!

She describes her style as, an overlap chic and artsy.


Lorraine makes everything stylish and her style is classy and sassy with a touch of colour. She is also a shoe👠 lover.


It`s the sunglasses for me!!!

To her, style is the art of expression of oneself to the universe and confidence is key. Eleanor loves to create different looks, from old to new and to explore so that she doesn’t stick to one menu. Lovely!!!

In a nutshell, these ladies are die hard fashionistas and they create lots of fashion content. Follow them for more inspo. What we have provided here is just a snippet.❤

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