DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Hello again, I am back with another even cheaper DIY, (it just keeps getting better I know). So for the second episode I will be showing you how to make this beautiful sign using items that cost $3usd in total. Mine says Love Lives Here, but you can totally customize yours to whatever you prefer even you and your partner’s name, or it could even say welcome. So lets get right into it. For this project you will need :

  1. A frame that still has its glass (either old or new)
  2. Some greenery (I got mine from a tree just opposite my house)
  3. Tipex/gel pen in the colour you prefer.
  4. Some printed calligraphy.


  1. The first thing is to take out the glass from the frame, makesure that you keep the outer fram intact so you can put it back in the frame once you’re done tracing the message. (Be careful I actually cut my finger doing this).
  2. Once you do that, you’re going to take you calligraphry printed paper and place it under the glass.
  3. Take your tipex and start tracing the message onto the glass, I advice you to use a tipex pen instead of a brush because it has more precision, my font came out a bit wonky on the glass, if you want it smoother then use a pen instead.
  4. Once its dry you then take the glass and insert it back into the frame, if your frame has a cover at the back you need to take it out so you can have a clear frame.
  5. Add your greenery on the corners of the frame and secure using either glue or cellotape to finish off the look.

This is the finished product, what do you think ? I think it looks good although the font is wonky. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add some nice touches to your event and I guarantee that your guests will love it. There are so many other ways to customize this sign see some ideas below.

Once again if you end up making this piece be sure to tag us on social media for a repost. Until next time, BYE.

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