DIY Invitation Cards for Less

Tis the season to be jolly falalalalalalala, we really plan to be jolly this December. We are starting the month of December with a wedding DIY series. I love love weddings and I have been looking at some wedding trends for next year and my series will try to reproduce some of the wedding trends on DIY basis, we’re going to save some money this wedding season, WHAT!!!!

So for the first episode, I will be showing how to create somelovely invitation for you wedding soiree and these came to abou ZWL$2.95/ USD$0.15 per card, this price is considerably lower than the current rate for invitation cards which is ZWL$18/USD$2 for the same type of card we are going to make here. To start your Project you will need :

  1. Watercolour Paper(usd$7 for 40 pages)
  2. Food Colouring or Paint.
  3. A brush (used an old makeup brush).
  4. Water.
  5. A bowl.
  6. Computer and Network.

Method :

  • Use your computer to go on www.canva.com.
  • Search wedding Invitations(there are so many free templates to choose from, if you want to design one by yourself then you pick a blank template like I did)
  • Type in your message using font of choice (for this card I used Good vibes and opens sans )
  • Once you’re done typing take your time to align everything to makesure it perfectly sync then you can save your document and take it for print.
  • I printed 4 pages and it cost me $ZWL4 it will probably be cheaper if you have a printer at home, I also printed in landscape so I managed to fit two cards on one page.
  • Once you print you can now use your food colouring or paint to paint the edges of your card, it can be edges or middle however you like it.
  • To finish off tie with some rustic string and add some greenery.

This is the finished product and it does look pretty good If I do say so myself ! There are so many other variations in the way you could use your paint, here are some ideas below.

If you end up making invitations using this inspo, remember to tag us on our instagram….until next time, xoxo.

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